Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Greatness of Using Members

"Your boy and a squirrel" pic sent to
Zack's mom by Dylan.  Thanks Dylan!
Holy Cow I loved General Conference!  Did you love it too?  It seemed like every question I had going into the conference was answered and more and I learned so much from the Spirit teaching me that I am so excited to put into action!  If you weren't able to go and watch it, DO IT!  It will be the greatest thing you've done all week.  
This week was filled with some pretty great other moments though!  And two of the biggest ones involved Members!
For example we were able to have a lesson in Sister Behrens' home with a lady named Mary that we've been teaching.  That lesson was powerful!  Teaching in a member's home is a completely different kind of lesson. Everyone knows that they are there to learn together and the Spirit is so strong.  Sister Behrens' testimony was powerful and EXACTLY what Mary needed to hear.  It was awesome to watch all of Mary's questions be answered one by one right there in front of our eyes and at the end, Mary said that she would be baptized as soon as she knew for certain that the things we'd taught were true.  Sister Behrens once again bore an amazing testimony on prayer which taught Mary exactly what she needed to do to know the truthfulness of these things.
Another great lesson from this week was with Eric, who is doing fantastic!   Eric's been having some questions about the Priesthood so we decided that we, along with Brother Pister, would teach about that this week.  It was great to see how Brother Pister said some of the exact same things that we've said in past lessons but in his own way and it just clicked for Eric.  That lesson was by far the best lesson with Eric that we've ever had and I know it was thanks to Brother Pister and his strong testimony that he is so willing to share.  
Members are amazing.  I love them.  I love working with these people here in Crete.  I'm sad to say this may be my last email while I'm in Crete, since transfers are this week and I've been here a fairly good while.  I guess we'll see though!  Its all in the Lord's hands.  
I hope you have a great week!  I love you!
Lots of Love,
Elder Zack Paddock
Random Pictures from this week's adventures:

Capitol Building

Squirrel taming (Her name is Chaparrita)

Egg Dying (Elder Kummerman gave up after one and just started eating them)

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