Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm Home

Elder Hansen (He's from St. George. 
If I could serve with an English Elder, it'd be him.)
I can't believe what's happened this week.  This transfer took me completely by surprise.  Let me just give you a run-down of Transfer Call Morning last Thursday.
There I was sitting on the couch in our apartment while Elder Kummerman was in the shower and all of a sudden our phone started ringing with our President Weston ring tone.  I double checked the phone to see if that was really happening and answered it.
Elder Paddock: "Hello this is Elder Paddock."
President Weston: "Elder Paddock, good morning its President Weston."
EP:"Good Morning President, how are you?"
PW: "I'm doing well.  Elder, Are you keeping yourself clean and worthy?"
EP: "Yes"
PW: "Will you commit to 100% obedience?"
EP: "Yes"
PW: "Elder, the Lord would like you to be a Zone Leader.  Do you think you can do that for us?"
EP:  (After a moment of shock) "Yeah I think I can do that."
PW: You'll be serving with Elder Neuenswander in the SIOUX CITY area.  You should be a little familiar with that area, right?

And after an even greater moment of shock I laughed and said, "Yeah just a little bit."  Then he laughed and I laughed and then he said, "Well Elder I'm excited to be working with you a little more." and then we hung up and I waited for someone to call me and tell me it was just a giant, late April Fool's Day joke.  But it wasn't!   

Coming Home

Driving into Sioux City was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had in my entire life.  It felt like I was driving home.  Seeing these people again and working in the exact same branch I worked in for 9 months already is going to be such a great experience.  Church yesterday was so great seeing all the people who I love so much.  The greatest part was finding out the Brisenos are active members now and the even greater part was when Fernando, who got baptized my last week here, passed me the Sacrament.  Words can't accurately describe the joy that I felt yesterday. Everywhere we go to see people, they've all said, "Paddock!!  (or Padoki depending on who it is)(or De Vez en Cuando if you're Hermana Briseno) You're back!?"  Elder Swan is probably tired of it, but I think its really nice to know no one has forgotten about me.  Its good to know you're loved. 
Elder Paddock & Elder Swan: Our apartment

My new companion, Elder Neuenswander, or Elder Swan for short since no one can pronounce his name, is super great!  I'm going to have a lot of fun working with this guy.  I'm excited to learn all I can about being a Zone Leader with him and from the looks of it, our Zone is pretty sweet as well!  All the Elders and Sisters are hard working and I'm really excited to get to know them and work with them.

Leaving Crete was hard.  I love those people so much.  Elder Kummerman received an Elder named Elder Draper who was working in the Omaha spanish ward for 9 months so I'm sure that the two of them will do a lot of good out there.  I'm not worried at all.  

Saying Goodbyes to people
Elder Kummerman & Elder Paddock



Vidal and his family

Fernando and Veronica

The District


The Behrens family decided to cover us in Bacon.
53 packages or 36 pounds to be exact.

From Sis Behrens: I work in the knife room at a food processing plant, here in Crete. We have meat sales every once in awhile. That's where I get large quantities of bacon, bacon wrapped filets, pork chops, ribs, anything pork. they are large in quantity. As you can see, everyone gets excited about the bacon! (meat candy). The night of that picture, I was in bed not feeling well. My son, your son, and Elder Kummerman decided to find out just exactly how much bacon was in the freezer.....Now we know! I'm going to miss him!

Barbara (That was hard)

Brother Beck

Hermano Luis Genis

So that's the update for the week.  Just know I'm happier than ever and excited and nervous about this new opportunity and capacity that I get to serve in the mission.  I love this work.  I know it's the work of the Lord.   I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!
Lots of Love,
Elder Zack Paddock

In response to Mom's email "We had fun doing something totally different on a Friday night.
Will you be doing something different Friday night?"
Elder Zack, "Am I going to do something different this Friday night?  Not that I know of.  I'll have a food appointment!  That's different from the past 9 months!  We have food appointments 1-2 times a day this whole week!  I love being back in Sioux City!
Elder Paddock & Elder Swan

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