Monday, March 30, 2015

The Funny Happenings of Missionary Work

This week was just chalk full of awkward funny moments that always remind me of why I love this work.  I don't think that if the things that have happened this week would have happened to me before the mission they wouldn't have had as much of an impact.
Let me explain.
Experiencia numero uno
I was on exchanges with Elder Shipley and we decided to go out into the middle of nowhere to try and contact a referral that was given to us by some other Elders.  I was surprised as to how great the dirt, county roads were due to the fact that it had rained the entire night before.  We got out to the guy's house, and he wasn't there.  So we drove back.  On the way back, we took one wrong turn, and got stuck in 5 inches of mud.  Of course we're out in the middle of nowhere and have absolutely no cell service.  There was no way that that car was moving.  So we waddled through the mud all the way out to one of the more likely traveled roads and waited for a car to pass by.  Finally after close to 10 minutes a truck pulled to the side and asked if we needed help.  He said that he would pull us out himself... if he hadn't broke his tow rope pulling someone else out earlier that morning.  But he said I could use his phone to call someone.  I had no idea who were were going to call.  Suddenly I had the idea to call Brother Dinopoli, a less-active member who I knew had a truck and wasn't currently working.  Brother Dinopoli hasn't wanted contact with us in a while, but I took the risk and gave him a call.  After laughing at me for taking a wrong turn and getting stuck, he said he'd be there as soon as he could to get us out.  1 hour later (which provided lots of time to just sit and talk with Elder Shipley)  Brother Dinopoli showed up and pulled us out.  Since then he's been a lot more friendly with us and even told us that we could stop by his house this week and talk to them a bit!  I honestly don't think that would've happened any other way.  The Spirit works through interesting situations to soften hearts sometimes. 

Experiencia numero dos
There we were playing basketball with Dylan.  We've been trying to get him to come to church for months now and it didn't seem like anything was working.  It got around me and went to shoot as I ran up behind him to swat the ball and SMACK!  His elbow went crashing into my nose.  Pain shot through my whole face and my nose started bleeding pretty bad.  He thought he'd broke my nose... heck I even thought he'd broke it it hurt so bad.   I walked off a little bit and finally got it to stop bleeding.  
"I'm sorry!" Dylan said, "Is there anything I can do?"
"You could come to church this week," I replied.
"I don't know about that"
"Come on,"  I said.  "What else do you have going on at 10 o clock on a Sunday Morning?"
"Plus you did just break his nose," Elder Kummerman chimed in.
"I'll think about it," He said, and we left it at that. 
Sunday Morning we texted Barbara and asked her if Dylan was coming to church with her.  She said that she wasn't going to be able to make it this week due to some sickness, but Dylan did say he would go if he could drive (He's got his permit now.)  That's progress, even if we guilt-tripped him a little bit.    I know he'll be there soon!  He's making his way there little by little.
Eric did come to church though!  He's doing great and I'm happy to see such great progress with him!  He seemed to like it and had some great questions during Gospel Principles!
I hope all is great with you guys and that you have a very happy General Conference/Easter weekend!  I love you so much!
Lots of love,
Elder Zack Paddock

The church recently came out with a video about Easter called Because He Lives.
I know that Christ lives and that He truly is the reason for this Easter Season.  I pray that we can always keep Him in our hearts and that we may more better understand His Atonement.  Check the video out it's really good!

from Elder Paddock's email to Mom:
MOM!    I just realized that exactly 6 months from today I'll be getting off the plane....... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.  Crazy.  That's scary.  Don't worry though.  I'm not getting trunky.  
Love you! 

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