Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time's Flyin'

True Nebraskan Corn

This week was such a fast week.  Just recently the Zone Leader's let us know that my district had been changed and that it was going to include the Columbus Spanish Elders (Elder Sharp and Elder Peters) and that we were going to be able to have our District Meetings in Spanish!  I was so excited!  So this week,  the day before District Meeting, we headed up to Columbus to do exchanges with them.  Elder McBride was so excited since he served in the Columbus branch before he came to Lincoln.  I'm so happy to be working with all these Spanish Elders.  They're all such hard workers and are so excited about the work.  I was super impressed with Elder Sharp as well and his determination to be obedient, even when missionaries in that area have a set a standard of disobedience in the past.  He's really trying to turn that around and I know that he and Elder Peters will do a great job at that.
District Meeting in Spanish was a lot of fun!  I love so much more.  I haven't been able to do that since my 3rd transfer when Elder Juan was our District Leader.  I've missed it.  All the other Elders liked it as well.  It makes us stretch and learn.  
Our area this week just got a little more crazy.  Due to some events, the English elders in the Pioneer ward (the ward we're in) got Emergency Transfered out of Lincoln.  President Gardner called us and informed us that for the rest of the transfer, not only were we going to be covering all of the city of Lincoln for the Spanish side of things (which is our normal area), but we'd also be covering the English Elder's area, including cleaning up some things.  No pressure or anything, right?  President expressed confidence in us that we'd be able to handle it and that it'd all work out.  We'll see how it goes I guess!  We were really busy with just 1 area but now with 2 we'll be working like crazy for the next few weeks!  
Everything here is going great!  Right now I'm on exchanges with Elder Draper who replaced me in Crete.  Last night, they had a few set appointments down there so we drove down to see them.  It was so great to be back in that tiny little town.  I've missed it there.  We'll get to spend the entire day there next Tuesday when we do another exchange but this time in their area.  It's going to be so good!  
I love you all and I hope you have a great day!  
Lots of Love,
Elder Paddock

Game Day (Nebraska vs BYU)

Breakfast with the BYU fans was good.  They're all from Elder McBride's home ward.  (The couple across from the missionaries were Elder McBride's Mission Prep Teachers).  Our Mission President also gave us permission to watch the game at a member's home if we passed off memorizing 12 scriptures.  I'll send them to you to memorize as well.  Elder McBride and I had them passed off pretty quickly.  Such a great game.

 I cheered for BYU but I didn't have the shirt... 

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