Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Full Speed Ahead

This week was so good!  It was so fast too!  It all started off with some crazy miracles on exchanges and then finished with some great miracles as well.  
Exchanges with Elder Draper were so good.  I feel like the Lord's definitely blessed me on my mission to be able to take part in so many exchanges just with being the District Leader/Zone Leader or having a companion that was the DL.  You learn so much just from those 24 hours of working with someone else and there's always some crazy miracles that happen.
The first one from that day is a guy named Cesar.  As we were walking down the street a couple weeks ago, Cesar yelled out to us and told us to come talk to him.  He's from Bolivia and has lived here for a couple years.  While in Bolivia, he met some of the members of the church who introduced him to the Gospel and later to the missionaries.  He knows everything we talk about and he's super willing to keep commitments and come closer to Christ.  On exchanges, Elder Draper and I went over and taught him about the Book of Mormon and showed him how its another testimony of Jesus Christ.  He loved it.  We then invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the correct Priesthood Authority of God.  After thinking about it and having a few questions he said yes!  Ahhhh it was so great!  Right after we left that appointment I felt like we should go contact a referral some other elders gave us.  We went over, the husband let us right in.  We sat down on the couch and talked to him and his wife and introduced ourselves.  They said that they had actually talked to missionaries only about 2 years ago and they had the Book of Mormon sitting on an end table right by their couch!  We taught them the Restoration and invited them to also be baptized... and they also said Yes!   It was so great!   This area's moving so fast and we're finding great people everywhere!
The time, like I said last week is flying. This week I had my very last Zone Training.  I remember sitting in my very first Zone Training listening to Elder Rasmussen give his final testimony.  He talked about how fast the time goes and about how much he loved this work and I remember thinking, "That's forever away," and I couldn't even picture myself being in his place.  But there I was, standing in front those 15 other Elders, saying probably the exact same things that he said 21ish months ago.  I love this work.  The time goes way too fast.  
But guess what!  This week, both Chelem and Alex went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead with the ward!  Holy cow I was so happy that day!  Just thinking about them both standing in the temple and feeling the Spirit there made me smile.
I hope you all had a great week as well!  I love you!  
Lots of love,
Elder Zack Paddock
Scripture of the Week:  Luke 9:23-24

These were the list of scriptures we had to memorize and pass off during the month of August. 
Study them and try to memorize them :)

1. D&C 8:2-3
2. D&C 1:29-30
3. Moroni 10:3-5
4. JSH 1:17
5. 2 Thess 2:1-3
6. James 1:5
7. Abraham 3:25
8. Moroni 10:32
9. John 3:16-17
10. Matt 22:36-40
11. 2 Nephi 9:6
12. 1 Nephi 15:24

Don't worry about me.  I'm super focused on the work.  I think me coming home is making my companion more trunky than its making me.   If anything I'm working harder and studying  better and moving quicker because of it.  There's no time to waste.  That's the message I'm trying to convey to my district right now.  They're all so young and have so much time to work hard.  I hope they get it. 
Anyways I hope you have a great week!  I love you!
Elder Paddock