Monday, August 3, 2015

Fun Exchanges

Elder Randall and I with BK cones after a great exchange
This week was full of exchanges and both were incredibly fun and extremely spiritually uplifting!  
The first one was out in Yankton, SD with Elder Randall.  Elder Randall is probably one of the best leaders in our Zone and he's doing a great job in training one of the new elders, Elder Hunt.  While we were out working we took a minute to talk in the truck about how things are going in Yankton, how training's going and things like that.  Turns out, Elder Randall's been pretty stressed with training and things like that and he needed to talk.  Its a good thing that we took that time to talk to, because if we had been any sooner to try a potential, her SUPER prepared friend wouldn't have shown up.  Right as we were finishing the lesson, the potential's friend came walking up and started asking us questions and wanting to learn more.  She told us about some of the crazy hard stuff thats been going on lately and we promised her that the message of peace and love that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings would help her.  We set up an appointment for Saturday, which Elder Randall called me to tell me went fantastic.  
Sunset on the way to Yankton,

We also had the opportunity to contact a referral from a member that was an entire Cuban family who didn't speak a lick of English.  Elder Randall told me as we walked up to the door that it'd just be all me in there do to the fact that he doesn't know spanish.  And that's pretty much how it went.  This Cuban family is SO  much fun and so interested.  It was amazing how every single one of them, from the 7 year grand-daughter to the 65 year old grandpa all participated and made great comments.  They're so great!  Throughout the lesson I'd tell Elder Randall where we were and he would share his testimony and I would translate it and it was always amazing how his testimony, even though he didn't understand anything that had happened in the moments previous, always had to do with a something that they had just said.  It always matched up perfectly!  That's the power of the Spirit.  

The other exchange was with Elder Robinson.  Elder Ferry asked specifically if he could work with Elder Peters to get to know him better so that left Elder Swan, Elder Robinson and I in a trio.  That was by far the funniest exchange I've ever been on.  I love these two.  They crack me up.  Our day was so full of service.  It seemed like every time we finished helping out someone, someone else called us to help them.  We weren't even in normal Proselyting clothes until around 6:30.  We were able to have a great lesson with one of the part member families around here and the spirit was so strong as we talked about Family prayer and the unity and blessings that it brings into the homes of those who pray together (3 Nephi 18:21).
Sioux City 

The work in our area is going good.  People are progressing and the work is moving forward!  This week's looking busy with Interviews, exchanges, MLC, and a Branch Horchata party!  I'm so excited!

I love you!  Have a great week!
Lots of love,
Elder Paddock
The difference shining your shoes can make.... its been a while

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