Monday, August 17, 2015

The Swan Song

Iowa at its finest.

What a crazy week its been!  With Spanish Conference, Zone Training, my Birthday, great lessons, and "killing off" Elder Swan, we've been so busy! 
Spanish Conference was amazing!  It was so crazy to think that it was my last one.  It was especially crazy when I was asked to give my "final testimony".  It was so great to see all the Elders and Hermanas.  It truly is a pleasure to be counted among them in our small family of Spanish Missionaries.  I've learned tons serving by their sides.
Elder Kummerman & Elder Paddock

The Dying Spanish Missionaries

Our Group

Spanish Conference

Zone Training

a great picture Elder Garff's mom posted on FB

I feel super blessed to have the missionaries that we have in our zone.  Coincidentally, Zone Training and my birthday landed on the same day.  The zone sang me happy birthday and even brought a pinata and afterwards all the Elders went out to Red Robin to eat, followed by tracting in an area where every single person we talked to said, "This place is dangerous.  Be Careful. You probably shouldn't be here."  It was great!  We ended up finding a SUPER solid person in that area!   It was a great day!  
Before Birthday Cake Face Smash

After Birthday Cake Face Smash

A great birthday tie (which I'm wearing right now) and
4lbs of Jelly Beans (which are almost gone already)

We also had an amazing lesson with Jose this week!  We met him at the church, did a church tour, in which the Spirit was present so strongly the entire time!  I truly felt guided as we talked to him about the importance of church and baptism.  At the end of the visit, we showed him the baptismal font.  I remember looking at him and he had a very thoughtful look on his face.  I remember saying to him, "You know you want to be baptized.  You've told me so. When are we going to do it?"  We talked about a plan to get to that day and set the goal for the 19th of September.  After which we all knelt down and he offered a prayer asking the Lord if that's what he should do.  He said he felt good about it so we're proceeding forward towards that goal!  

Elder Swan and I

the Trio this cold, and rainy morning

"Killing off" Elder Swan was probably one of the hardest things I've done on the mission.  Being an Elder's last companion isn't easy, especially since they're usually really excited about going home and starting new things that it's hard to keep them focused and in turn it distracts their companion.  Elder Swan did great though, working hard all the way to the end.  We dropped him off this morning to the AP's who will take him to Omaha until he flies out to San Diego on Wednesday.  The past 18 weeks with him have been so great!  He became one of my best friends and my favorite companion.  Every day was fun!  The Zone loves him and they were sad to see him go as well.  Luckily though he's going to BYU so I'll see him soon enough.     

I hope you all had a great week!   Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  You're the best! 
Lots of Love,
Elder Paddock

Sis Flory and her family feed us every Saturday Morning. 
Bro Flory is the Branch Mission Leader so we have our
coordination meeting with him and they feed us pancakes.
 I'm ok with it :) 
Sis Flory posted these pics on her FB

Angel posted this on his FB with the caption
"The amazing missionaries that help
us get closer to our savior"

Angel also posted this on FB "Meeting with the hermanos"

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