Monday, July 13, 2015

Trying New Things

Elder Swan, Elder Ferry, and me
Well, It looks like this transfer we're going to be trying out new things.  Transfer news came Thursday morning and it took all of us by surprise.  Not only did Elder Swan and I stay together (we thought he was leaving since they usually take you out of leadership your last transfer) but we also received a 3rd companion!  Being in a tri-panionship is super rare, but being in a Spanish Zone Leader tri-panionship is even more so.  Elder Ferry is going to be a good addition to our companionship though and we're doing our best to help him get settled in to the craziness of our daily lives.  
Elder Ferry is from Corrine, UT and has been out about 19 months.  He loves the violin and singing and being a missionary.  He's exceedingly obedient and diligent and really does want to help this work move forward.  
Being in a tripanionship does have its ups and its downs though.  The Ups would be that now we can do lots of nifty things with team-ups and exchanges, such as allowing one of us to go on a split with a member while the other two of us work together (we tried it yesterday. Worked great!) or we can drop off one missionary with one set of Elders, for example in Vermillion, while the other two drive up and blitz the Yankton Elders area and then we meet back up at District Meeting the next day, making exchanges happen faster and allowing us to be in our area more.  

All the Elders that left the zone this transfer (with Elder Paddock)
In other transfer news, almost 1/2 the zone got switched up too!  There's going to be lots of new faces at this week's Zone Training!  

We're excited!  Things are going to be good!  (Even if it is my turn to sleep on the floor for the week due to the lack of bed frames)

I hope your week is also fun and exciting!  I love you!
Lots of love,
Elder Zack Paddock

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