Monday, July 20, 2015

Members Are Great!

This week our members have pulled through for us like never before!  This week during the zone training that we had, Elder Ferry gave a training on how effective planning leads to effective work, and we've been putting it into practice.  We've been working really hard this past week in figuring out when members are available and then scheduling appointments for those times.  We've seen so many miracles!  For example, this week we struggled in teaching appointments WITHOUT Members, which usually is not the case.  Out of all the appointments we had this week probably 75% of them were with Members!  The Branch is starting to get really excited about missionary work again so we're doing our best to take advantage of that for the benefit of the people we teach.  Members are so vital! 

One of the many great lessons we had this week was on Saturday night when we took Hermana Rosa Flores, the Relief Society President, with us to see Jose and Emma.  We talked with them about the doctrine of Enduring to the End and how its always going to be neccessary for us to have Faith, Repent, make and keep and renew Covenants, and rely on the Holy Ghost.  Which in turn causes us to have more faith, find more things to repent for, etc, and the cycle continues.  That's what we call Enduring to the End.  A couple weeks ago, Jose mentioned to us that he was just scared of falling after he was baptized.  I pray that what we were able to share, coupled with the powerful testimony of Hermana Flores (who during the lesson said, "Jose, I can tell that when you are baptized, that you'll be a powerful leader in this church."  That made him think.), and with the great talk that was given on Enduring to the End in Sacrament Meeting by a visiting High Councilor have helped him clear up his doubts.

Being in a trio has been fun!  Its so very different but we've been using it to our advantage.  I'm learning a lot.  Its hard sometimes getting 3 people on the same page, but its teaching me a lot about the importance of Councils.  There's a lot of truth in the doctrine of Councils.  I learn that everyday.  

I pray that you're all doing well and that you're having great experiences as well!  

Lots of love,
Elder Paddock

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