Monday, June 8, 2015

It's Been a Weirder Week

This week has been one of the fastest moving, strangest, and most random weeks of my mission, and I've loved every minute of it.   It all got weird Tuesday morning when we got a text from the AP's saying, "How soon can you get to Crete?  President wants you to do an exchange with them ASAP."  Crete is not in our zone... its not even close!  Its 5 zones away and 3 hours of driving!  All we were told was that Elder Kummerman and his companion had been struggling and President wanted Elder Swan and I to get down there. 

Some of My Favorite Crete People

Crete Sunset

The Missouri River

The exchange itself just was awkward and great at the same time.  I actually enjoyed it a lot!  Being with Elder Kummerman again and working our old area was a lot of fun.  It was great to see those people that I grew to love so much!  The biggest thing I learned there was the importance of Patience, Charity, and Communication.  If you're lacking in those three things, being in any kind of relationship is extremely difficult and has an affect on the way things work around you, for example, in missionary work it has an affect on the progress of your area.  If you and your companion aren't on the same page ever outside of a lesson, why would it be any different going into the lesson?  That's the message we tried to convey to those Elders.  I hope things continue to improve!

The St. George Missionaries at MLC (Elder Clark (DHills),
myself, Sister Allen (PV), and Elder Chipman (DHills))
Also this week was MLC again.  It was President and Sister Weston's last MLC since they go back home to Logan, UT June 29th, which is absolutely crazy to me!  I'll miss them like crazy.  After some amazing trainings about the Sabbath Day reverence, which is something the entire church is focusing on right now, and how to make our District Meeting's more spriritual, the time was opened up to a Q and A session with President and Sister Weston.  Questions were asked about what they've learned, about what makes a great missionary, about some of their favorite moments, and other things along those lines.  Their testimonies about the truthfulness of this work and the love that God has for His children were strong and the Spirit was testifying of those things to me the entire time.
Sister Manning, Elder Gardner, Elder Bascom,
Elder Adams, and me. (We all go home together.

This week finished off with two giant miracles. 
#1 Jose came to church again!   He's progressing so fast and its so great to see!  He likes church too and is feeling the Spirit.  What more could we ask for?
#2 blew my mind.  Recently Elder Swan and I have been working really hard to build our area back up and we've been praying to find the people that are prepared by the Lord.  Yesterday we were out trying some potentials when Elder Swan said, "Lets go try that Past Investigator family that we found in the area book."  These people hadn't been taught for probably 5 years and we thought it'd be good to give them a shot.  A 22 year old kid answered the door and said, "Oh.  Hey guys.  What's up?"  The conversation went on to us finding out that his name was Angel, that he loved talking to us a while ago, that while he'd been in prison he read the Book of Mormon 2 or 3 times and had prayed and knew it was true.  After about 5 minutes of talking to him, we invited him to follow the answers he'd been given and to be baptized.  He said YES!  I know the Lord's been preparing him for a long time and I'm so excited to watch him progress towards July 18th!  

The Lord really does answer prayers.  He really does prepare people for us if we go out and search for them and follow the Spirit.  I love this work and I'm excited about  the good things that are happening in this area.  
Elder Robinson and I and the letter we got this week. 
The Clock's ticking.
(The letter talks about his release date & has a form to fill out
 about what airport he will fly into or whether his parents
will pick him up.  He will fly home at the end of September.)

Sunset from the Castle

I hope you have a great week!
Lots of love,
Elder Zack Paddock

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