Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Halfway!

Happy Halfway with Elder Garff and Elder Robinson (Both came from Mexico with me)
There's no way I'm halfway!  I absolutely refuse to accept it!  This past year has gone by WAY too fast for me to accept the fact that its already been a year.  I already know I've grown and changed so much and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in this next year.   I loved the package you guys sent from home!  It was probably the greatest package I could've asked for and I definitely continue to feel all of your love and support from home.  I love you guys!
Burning the shirt. (Dumb Halfway tradition.
  I found a shirt left by an older
missionary and thought, "why not?")

This week was probably the greatest week that I could've asked for to be my halfway week.  The things that happened just in this week described all the ups and downs of missionary work and I absolutely loved it... well maybe not the "downs" (getting dropped by 3 investigators for example) but the ups were pretty darn great!  So I'll just write about a couple of those
Jonathan's doing great!  He's loving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and says that he's already felt the influence of Him a couple times just in this past week! 
We've had a couple miracles in knocking and the Lord has led us right into a couple of people that I'm pretty sure could have some great progression in the future in the Gospel.  I'll keep you updated on them throughout the next little bit. 
And lastly, and most greatly, BARBARA GOT BAPTIZED!  It was probably the most powerful Baptismal service I've ever been to. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I had to baptize her.  Barbara was so prepared.  Every time we taught her something, she accepted it right off the bat and gained her own testimony of it.  I'm excited for the progress that she'll continue to have through being an active member with the Gift of the Holy Ghost playing a role in her life as well.  I love that lady and I'm exceedingly happy for her.  

Barbara's Baptism

Only problem... now that both Jon and Barbara are baptized, we're back at square one.  We've been working really hard with those two and we weren't thinking that we'd have any progressing investigators at the end of this week.  But the Lord does provide.  A Less Active who hasn't been to church in probably 8 Months walked into Sacrament Meeting bringing with him two of our investigators (One of those being his daughter).  Our area is having a lot of success and we're just happy to be a part of it.  Our goal is to get the Spanish part of our area just as successful as the English part.  Wish us luck!
Also this week we moved to a much nicer apartment with a lot fewer cockroaches AND we had the opportunity to take a tour of Nebraska's pride and glory, AKA the Husker Memorial Stadium.  

The beautiful trail we ran this morning.

(Be sure to click on this one)
We thought the billboard was  funny so we took a picture.

Its been a great week!  Lots of fun and lots of experiences with the Spirit.  I know this is the Lord's work.
I love you all! 
Elder Zack

Pieces of our other emails:

New Apartment is great.  The first few days there were still cockroaches but we're down to killing only two or three a day now.  The only problem is that these ones are twice the size as the old ones.  

I sent President Weston an email last week about how Jon got baptized and how Barbara was about to be and this is what he sent in reply.  Needless to say Elder Holman and I are smiling right now.

President Weston

Who said Crete cant baptize? Hard work has paid off, and more sure to come! Doing well keep it up! Love, President Weston

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