Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Day I'd Hoped Wouldn't Come.

It came.  I'd lasted 6 months.  I was doing so good.  I was laying
low, not trying to draw to much attention to myself, but then Saturday
night the phone rang.  It was Presidente Lagunas
"Elder, I know its kind of late, but can you and your companion speak
in church tomorrow?"
In my head I was thinking "Dangit!  We were lasting so long!" but what
came out of my mouth was, "Yes President, we'd love to.  Thank you for
the opportunity."
Elder Shipley spoke on the Authority of the Priesthood and I spoke on
the Keys of the Priesthood.  Elder Shipley did great!  His Spanish is
really coming along!  There was only a few parts in his talk where I
had no idea what he was trying to say.  I did fine too I guess.  I got
up, said some stuff, sat down again.  You know, the basics.
Presidente said we did exactly what he was hoping for.  (The talks
were based off of Elder Dallin H Oaks talk from the Priesthood session
this year. I highly suggest reading it.)

This week was kind of an interesting week.  To start the
interesting-ness off, Elder Shipley and I tracted into two JW
Missionaries who quickly raced us into their house and began to try to
preach to us.  Some of what they were saying was correct doctrine!
But most of it was skewed just a bit.  Lets put it this way.  The full
Gospel of Jesus Christ is like a mirror.  Shiny, whole, and perfect.
After the deaths of Jesus Christ and his Apostles, the mirror fell.
And what happens to a mirror when it falls?  It shatters.  Then lots
of other churches came about and said "ooh I like this piece.  I'm
going to go start my church over here."  and another and another and
another.  Hence, why there's so many churches.  The JW's had a few
pieces.  But as we began to teach them rather than them talking at us,
I could tell that they were feeling the Spirit.  He was testifying of
everything we said and for a solid 2 minutes they had nothing to come
at us with.  The lesson wasn't very effective and they probably burned
the Book of Mormon we "accidently" left on their table but it was
still a pretty neat experience.

Elder Blanck & I

Zack & his cousin. Jake Litster, at Payson Lakes July 2013.
Also this week we did exchanges with the 2nd ward missionaries Elder
French and Elder Blanck. (Part of Elder Shipley's District Leader
responsibilities is to do exchanges with the other Elders in the
District and I get to just be along for the ride as the District
Leader Assistant (not a real term but that's what he calls me.))  I
got to take Elder Blanck with me into our area and do some
teaching/tracting with him.  He reminds me so much of Jake Litster
that its crazy.  The way he talks, laughs, acts, and even looks remind
me of Jake.  It was like I was companions with my cousin for the day!
We went to Dairy Queen to kind of end our exchange and right when we
walked in, this BIG guy with a GIANT walking stick came up and said,
"Elders, buy yourself something to eat and sit with me." and then
handed us 6 bucks!  He introduced himself as Joe and we started
talking to him and I said, "Have you talked with missionaries like us
before?"  He said,"Sure have!  Back in '64 when I got baptized!"
Elder Blanck and I were stunned and quickly started asking him
questions.  He spent some time over in Greece for a while with a
Mormon buddy over there, and when he got back to the US in San
Fransisco, he decided to learn about the church.  He was baptized 2
weeks later.  Now he's super less active and said he was looking for
something that was missing.  We promised him that if he came to church
this week that he would find the peace that he was looking for in his
He showed up at church yesterday for all 3 hours.
The craziest part of that is that the REAL reason (Elder Blanck still
doesn't know this) that we went to Dairy Queen was because I really
had to pee. After we were done talking to Joe, I didn't have to pee
anymore.  I guess the Lord just works in mysterious ways, right?

Some other really cool stuff happened this week that I wish I had time
to write about.... but I don't.  Its in my Journal though so remind me
to tell you later (like when I get home or on Mother's Day).   Sorry!
Love you and I can't wait to see you on Mother's Day!

Lots of Love,
Elder Zack

PS The ZL's apparently think its funny to hide live snakes in our
apartment....  Thats true friendship right there.   Not.
The Snake named Samson

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