Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Changes and Inspiration

Sioux City Elders
Sioux City Spanish District 3rd Transfer in a row

 HOOOOOOLLLY COW there was some huge changes this week!   I honestly
didn't see half of what came coming.
Like I prefaced last week, we had Transfers this week.  Lots of
changes happened to Sioux City and sadly, Elder Juan and I were split.
  Elder Juan went off to Lexington, Nebraska to be in a "Zebra" (1
spanish, 1 english missionary).    He wasn't too excited about that.
Elder Cabezas and Hermana Scott both went to Omaha, Nebraska.  And all
the English companionships in Sioux City got changed as well!  Lots of

Last picture with Elder Juan (He was freezing)
Elder Shipley and I

In other news: I'm staying in Sioux City!  I was so happy to hear
that!  I love these people here sooo much and I'm excited to continue
to work with them and with my new companion!
Speaking of my new companion.... My new companion is Elder Jason K
Shipley!  He's from Kaysville, UT.  He's 6'4" and has been out for
almost a year.  He'll hit his year mark this transfer.  He actually
came from the Zebra out in Lexington so his Spanish is.... pretty
rough.  He's had his whole mission out there so far, actually.  Its
definitely different than being with Elder Juan because Elder Shipley
only understands about 50% BUT he's got the biggest desire to learn
and get better so that'll help him a lot.  The first thing he asked me
is if we can talk in Spanish almost all the time.  That was my biggest
worry with getting a new companion is that I would get a companion who
didn't want to speak Spanish with me (Missionaries like that exist),
but I lucked out.  I'm just trying to help him with his Spanish one
principle at a time.  The kid's a giant but he's got a heart of gold
so I'm really excited to work with him.  I know that both of us will
learn a lot from this companionship.

In other news, I loved Conference!  While I understand like 92% of
what people are saying in Spanish, I still learn better in English so
I was pretty happy that we were able to watch it in English while we
had the other room hooked up in Spanish.   Watching General Conference
on a mission is sooooo much different.  With every talk, instead of
looking for ways in which I can improve my life, I was looking for
ways I can help our investigators.  With every talk I found myself
thinking, "Man I wish (insert investigators name) was here to hear
this!"  (Only Norberto from our investigators was able to come but he
loved what he heard!)

I just want to extend my invitation to all of you on top of the
invitations that were given by the Apostles and the Prophet.   This
missionary work is really the work of the members and the missionaries
are here to help.  I invite all of you, like Elder L Tom Perry said,
to get a Preach My Gospel book and read it!  Its literally the guide
to missionary work and we study it everyday out here.  Then as you
read, share the things you're reading not only with each other, but
with the friends and family you have that aren't members.  This
message that we share is unique.  This message that we share is full
of love, hope, and eternal happiness that NO other message has.    I
promise you that as you reach out in love and share this message that
the Lord will strengthen your personal testimony beyond that which you
can imagine.  I promise you that as you help those around you come to
know that these things you know are true, that you'll find joy that is
incomprehensible.    I testify of this because I've seen it every
single day out here for the past 6 months.  Missionary work is a work
of love and work of happiness and as you serve those you love, you'll
receive more joy than you can know.  (2 Nephi 26:23-28)

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Lots of love,
Elder Zack

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