Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"We thought it was a boy..."

So lots of Good News!  I'm still in Sioux City!  I'm also still with Elder Juan!  Also none of our District Changed!  And the best part... I'm done with Training!   I'm like a normal missionary now!  
Lots of weird stuff happened this week.  I'm really starting to realize just how weird and random Sioux City is.  There's people from everywhere here.  For example we're teaching people from Cuba, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and a couple other countries that I can't think of right now.  I love the diversity!  I'm learning all sorts of different cultures!   I love being a Spanish Missionary! 
The Spanish Elders with Javier and our Branch President
To give you an update on our favorite Investigator, Martha:  She's doing awesome!  We met with her on Saturday and she said she cancels everything on the nights that we're coming to meet with her so that she can focus on our message.  She told us she loves how everything we're saying makes sense. She talked to her friends about what they believe and she said nothing of what they were saying made sense.... and then she opened up the Book of Mormon and read for a little bit and everything was clear and plain and she loved it.  She reads everyday now :)  She loves the Plan of Salvation and we're hoping to help her be baptized within the next few weeks.  She just needs to come to church!
I learned a very important lesson this week:  When a Cuban is hard to understand, his older brother is even worse.  We were talking with Norberto and his brother Chino the other day and he kept asking me questions and I had NO idea what he was saying.  Apparently he'd been asking me questions about BYU for like 3 minutes straight but since he mumbles so bad and drops off the end of the words and I was tired because it was late, I missed the whole thing.  Whoops.  Anyways we're meeting with them again on Wednesday so that should be fun.  Wish me luck!
Oh!  other quick news!  I don't have to compete in  the NOM Olympics anymore at Zone Conference!  Another Elder came into the Zone during Transfers that did a whole bunch more than me so now I don't have to.  Instead, the AP's called us and asked Elder Juan and I to give a training in front of 60 missionaries and President Weston.  No pressure right.  I think I'd rather do pushups but oh well!  Should be fun.  I'll let you know how that went next week.  
So funny story time :)  We went to visit a potential and he answered the door and said "Brothers!  Come in!"   Well his wife heard that and we hear her scream, "Is it the Church boys?!"  She came running into the front room holding a cat and said, "Can you please pray for my kitty?  We thought it was a boy but then he swelled up all big and, well, I guess he... or she.. is pregnant.  But he's just so little!  I don't want anything to happen to my kitty!  Please pray for him!"  

sooo...ummm.... yeah.  I prayed for a cat this week.  Check that one off my "Things I never thought I'd do in my life" List.  

Anyways I'm having a great time!  I love this place!  I love these people!  This week was weird but we're seeing our area grow with Investigators every week!  Pretty soon, good things are going to be happen.

I love you all! 
Lots of love,
Elder Zack

PS  Sometimes, when you're a Spanish Missionary, you play UNO during language study.  Just for fun :)

"Language Study"

PPS Sometimes when you're a Spanish Missionary, you play Soccer on P Day and end up head butting another missionary (AKA Elder Harrison) in the eye and giving him a black-eye... whoops.  My bad.  
Sioux City Spanish District

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