Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Insert Creative Title Here Please :) )

Hey!  I only have a few minutes today so it'll probably be pretty short.  This week was really good!  There's just a few things I've got to tell you about. 
The first one is that we're making some really good progress with one of our investigators named Jose and Emma.  Their really starting to open up and trust us.  The other day they asked if we could come over and help them with some "house work."  They didn't tell us we were actually tearing down a wall of their house!  It was super fun!  We called the other elders so they could come help us.  We tore the wall down in an hour with hammers and a pry bar and then it took us 3 hours to put the new wall back up with Sheetrock.  Super fun but Super tiring.  I slept really good that night :)
Next thing.  We had interviews with President Weston!  It was so awesome to have some one on one time with him and talk about my goals for the upcoming year.  I could really feel his love for me individually and in the end I felt great :)  Too bad interviews are only every other transfer.  I highly enjoyed it.  President's such an awesome, smart, spiritual giant and its always fun to talk to him.  
Last quick thing.  Our District's been having a hard time staying confident.  All the other districts are having  a lot of success with Baptisms and working with members and our work isn't seeming to progress at all.  That's not the way I see it.  Its been amazing working with these other 5 missionaries.  Sure, our numbers might not show a lot of progress.  Sure, we haven't had a baptism in our branch for a while.  Sure, we may feel like we're not progressing, but I know that we are.  Each of us has been improving rapidly in one area of the work or another.  All of our Spanish is getting sooo much better.  All of us are using the Book of Mormon in every teaching environment.  And all of us are growing and progressing and becoming more like the teachers and missionaries and representatives of Christ that we need to be to help this area to grow.  Big things are about to happen here in Sioux City.  I know it.    I just hope I'm still here for a little while to see it happen.  
I hope all is well!  Sorry its so short.  The way I see it is that you can read my journal when i get home and then if you read it along with the letters, you'll have the fullness of the Mission of Elder Paddock :)  
Lots of Love,
Elder Zack

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