Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Una Vez, Fue Dos Changos..."

Shoveling snow for the first time
Hi there!  
This week's been great!  My little Guatemalan companion and I are doing great as well!  We're struggling to find people to teach since 65% of those 23 people we found last week "weren't home" or straight up told us not to come back, BUT the one's that do like us and listen are great!  I really feel like we found a few people who've been prepared by the Lord to listen to His message of the Restored Gospel!  Ok fine we only found 2-3 Spanish people who are prepared and a whole lot of people for the English missionaries but hey, every soul is great in the eyes of God, right? :)  

Knocking doors all day with Elder Juan is great!  We've started this new thing where we just make up stories in Spanish while we're walking.  They always start with, "Una vez..." (one time), and end with "y entonces, ellos fueron bautizado."  (and then they were baptized).  It makes walking in the 10 degree weather and the snow slightly more tolerable :)

This week we had the awesome opportunity to have a mission-wide Spanish Conference where all the 30ish Spanish missionaries met in Omaha to recieve training and other good stuff.  It was so cool to be around all the other people in the mission who are struggling through a language barrier like I do!  It's nice to know you're not alone.  During one of the training sessions, Bishop Spangler (the Bishop for the Omaha Spanish Ward) said something that really stuck out to me.  He pulled out some old beat-up shoes and said, "These shoes symbolize my mission to me.  They were the last pair I owned during my 2 years in Argentina.  They symbolize the work I put into my mission and the blessings I've received since. You only have two years to dedicate yourself fully to the Lord.  Let your work be a symbol of your time here.  Let you're work be a symbol of who you are."  And I just sat back and thought, "Well ok.  Lets get to work."  At the end of these two years I want to look back and be proud of what I've accomplished and see how its a symbol for the way I am.  I think Elder Juan is getting tired of me because all I want to do is work and get out and start finding people who are prepared for us instead of doing the 12 Week Training Program that we have to do everyday but its ok.  I think he's getting used to me now :)
Spanish Conference
Elder Juan & Elder Paddock at the Spanish Conference
Back to those golden investigators really quick.  We were walking around, about to go home, when I thought, "Hey!  We should knock two more doors."  So we did, and we met a lady named Martha.  She was super nice and happy to see us and was really excited to talk to us, and best of all, she's hispanic so we don't have to turn her over to the English missionaries!   When we met with her, she soaked everything, asked questions, and even applied it to herself!  It was amazing.  At the end, the Spirit was so strong, we couldn't help but invite her to be baptized.  SHE SAID YES!!  We commited her to the the 25th of January (She has to come to Church 3 times first and can't until January)!!  I'm so excited to meet with her again this week.
Celebrating after visiting Martha by cooking Spaghetti.
Elder Juan's Selfie

Lastly, I found an "Application to Date a Return Missionary From the Nebraska Omaha Mission"  the other day.  I'll make a copy and send it home so you can hand them out in a 22ish months for me :)  It's pretty much the greatest thing I've read.

Anyways that's all I've got this week!  Glad to hear you're all doing great!  I love you!  

Lots of Love,
Elder Zack  
Quality Sign we see walking every day

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