Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Skype (post written by Mom)

Elder Paddock on Skype
We got to Skype with Elder Paddock on Christmas Day for about 47 minutes.  It was our favorite Christmas present, just getting to see his face and hear his voice!  He is so happy to be on a mission.  He is learning so much!  He has gained 20 lbs, but that just means he's been eating and not been too sick, so that's good.

He shared lots of little tidbits of information:
He told us that he lives in a duplex, he & Elder Juan have the upstairs unit and a lady lives downstairs.   They are supposed to exercise for 30 minutes a day, but he's not sure how to do that without a pool and without bothering the lady downstairs. They share a car with some other Elders who have it most of the time because they live outside of their assigned area and need the car to drive the 10 miles to their area.  They buy their groceries at Wal-Mart.  They each get $145/mo for groceries.  Last week they were down to just some cereal and PB&J's.  They were looking forward to grocery shopping day.  He is learning about budgeting.  He said they get fed by members or investigators about 3 times a week.  He likes that even though some of the food is "interesting".  He told me to feed the missionaries here.  He likes a little Mexican restaurant down the street.  He gets something that he described like a sandwich,  tortilla on bottom, beans, cheese, tortilla on top.  I can't remember what he called it, but he really enjoys those.

He was really thankful for all of the packages and cards he got from everybody for Christmas.  He said he got 8 new ties, some yummy fudge, and some random fun things.  Thanks for remembering my frozen missionary this Christmas!

He was just so happy about everything.  Not one complaint.  We loved talking to him!  We are so glad he's happy & healthy & serving the Lord and we look forward to hearing his voice again on Mother's Day!

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