Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last week in the CCM!

Holy cow!  I can't believe that I leave in 6 days!  These past 36 days have flown by but I guess thats because of all the fun that I'm having every single day.  I love being a missionary!  I have really loved every single minute here.  There's been amazing moments and really hard ones but I've definitely learned something from each of them that's brought me happiness and has helped me in my journey to becoming the Missionary that the Lord wants me to be for the people of Nebraska :)  I'm feeling more and more ready each and every day! 

This week's been super cool!  Well.... except for the part where I had a cold and a sinus infection.  I had my first and hopefully last Spanish speaking doctor's appointment though!  The only thing I knew how to say when he asked what I was saying was, "Tengo duele en mi cabeza y cosas en mi nariz"  Which translates into I have a headache and things in my nose.   He just kind of looked at me like I was stupid and then slid some medicine across the table that I've been taking for the past few days.   Tuesday night was really bad though so I asked Elder Meidell and Elder Ogan and Elder Bergevin to give me a blessing.  Right after the blessing, I immediately felt two times better than I was feeling and my headache was gone. I love seeing the Priesthood power work :)  

Also Tuesday night, our Morning teacher Hermano May came running in and said he had a suprise for us and we needed to meet him in the Teacher's lounge at 6:45.   Remember our Investigator "Victor"?  That was Hermano May with a profile, but Tuesday night we had a Skype conversation with the REAL Victor!  He's a convert that Hermano May taught on his mission in North Carolina!  (Fun Fact: Hermano May's Trainer was Caleb Anderson from our ward and together taught Victor!)    It was soo cool to feel the love that Hermano May and Victor had for each other and how grateful Victor was for the missionaries knocking on his door.  I can't wait to feel that same kind of love with the people I'll teach in the next coming weeks :)
Hermano May & I
Speaking of Hermano May,  we had to say goodbye to both of our teachers this week because all the gringo teachers got sent back to the US because the Mexico teachers can handle it now with the huge decrease of missionaries coming in until January and also our other teacher, Hermano Villanueva is going to Columbia to see his "casi-novia" (almost girlfriend).  We're wishing them both luck with whatever their doing and we invited them both to our MTC District reunion in October 2015 :)  
Our district with our morning teachers Hermano Salvador and Hermano May.
IT's really crazy how close our District has gotten.  We're pretty much a group of 11 best friends by now and everything is always fun and entertaining when we're together.  It's going to be really weird our in the field to only be with my companion all day every day instead of with a group, but that's the pattern the Lord has set for missionary work,  "two by two" proclaiming the truthfulness of the Gospel everywhere we go!  I'm so excited to get out in the field but it'll definitely be hard to start saying goodbyes Sunday night.  We're all getting shipped off at different times between Monday at 2 AM and Wednesday at 11 AM.   We find out our for-sure flight plans tomorrow during In-Field Orientation.
 I don't know how to explain this one...  I just like it a lot :)

Our family picture with Hermano Villanueva

My district at the Temple in Mexico for the last time. 

The holiest place in Mexico City.  I love this temple.  Definitely in my top 3 :) 
Me and Elder Meidell with Elder Day and Elder Welch.
They're headed to St. George, so if you see them, feed them or something :)  

Look what I found!  If only we could've got off the bus for a few minutes... :)

Anyways that was my week!  I hope you're all doing great and having lots of fun together!  I love you all so much!
Lots of love,
Elder Zack

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