Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fun Stories I Haven't Shared For Some Reason...

Passing on the Provecho to District C.
 I'll have to explain that another time... ask me in 2 years :)
Hey there!  We've got tons of left over time so we get to email again!  I was thinking about it there other day and realized that my emails home have been missing something... the funny stories!    I'll only share two because I'm short on time, but I've really been having the best time here every single day!  

The first one started the first day we got here.  Our bathroom is a little special.  Someone thought they were funny, or they were just on the toilet for a long time, and scratched off the lining on the window of the stall so that you can perfectly see through, making the stall door useless basically.  As you can see from the picture,  the whole is probably in the most awkward spot possible.  SO to fix this problem, we came up with the best solution we could think of.  We took a piece of paper and taped it in front of the whole.  Then Elder Bergivin got the brilliant idea of taking a pen into the bathroom with him and the paper turned into little drawings of artwork while you did your business.  Pretty much the best idea we've ever had.   
The toilet problem...

The toilet solution!

The toilet solution!
Second quick story.  Both Elder Meidell and I have been super sick lately and at one time, he had pink eye and I had a sinus infection.  We were supposed to take medicine every six hours and he decided he was going to be super strict about that rule and wake up at 3 AM to put more drops in.   I was not aware that he was getting up at 3 so when his alarm went off, I rolled out of bed and started saying my morning prayer.   Elder Meidell was so confused because he couldn't remember why he was supposed to get up or why I was praying at 3 AM.  He said that he just thought, "Should I be praying too?"   So he knelt down to pray too and then realized, "Oh Elder Paddock's just an idiot."   so he got back up and put in his drops and went back to sleep.  I finished my prayer got up, looked at the clock, laughed at myself a little, and went back to sleep.  I don't remember this, but He said at 5 he got up again to go to the bathroom, and I just kind of sat up, because I thought it was time to get up again, and he just said "nope"  and shoved me back into bed and I fell asleep with a "happy little smile".  

Oh!  Also this week, I learned that the word for "Pansy" en Español is "Pensamiento" :)  
Little dumb things like that make me think of home and smile. (Mom note:  Mason jokingly calls us "pansy" when we're being wimpy.) Elder Meidell looks at me funny though when I call him a Pensamiento (which also means " Thought") while he's complaining about something but I just smile and laugh to myself :)  

Anyways I've had the greatest time here over the last 6 weeks!  My testimony and my Spanish have grown so much and I can't wait to get out in the field tomorrow!  I leave the CCM at 2:30 AM  and get to hang out in the airport for 3 hours.  I think thats when I'll try to call home, but I also want to try to talk to people and share the Gospel or something missionary-like that can bless the lives of the people that are stuck with me until Dallas :)    I'm so excited!  

Love you!

Elder Zack

PS  The only thing that's helping me not get frustrated with packing is knowing that it all fit in here once and it can do it again... somehow.
Packing fun...
Mas Pajaritos.  I'm going to miss these noisy birds :)

This cool rock is a replica of a carving here in Mexico that shows
 Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life!  Pretty cool, eh?
Mom note:  Zack was able to call us from the Mexico City Airport at 4:20am this morning.  Mason, Meg & I loved hearing his voice! We got to talk for 20 minutes and then the call just suddenly ended. He sounded SO happy and eager to get out to Nebraska and get to work. He said he loves being a missionary.  There are 5 missionaries flying to Nebraska together. I'm glad he's not flying alone. 

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