Monday, January 12, 2015

Learning and Making Changes

This week has been REALLY good.  Training hasn't been easy, but after some really good studies on the difference between Pride and Humility, I realized that there were a couple things that I could change in myself that would make it a lot easier.   I have a strong testimony that we have the companions we have for a reason and I know that because of Elder Kummerman, I'm growing and becoming a better person and a better instrument in the Lord's work. 
The highlights of this week were many so its hard to really pin them down as to which one's I want to talk about today.  So I'll just make a few points.
#1 We had an amazing lesson with Jonathan, who since his baptism in October has struggled with his testimony.  We felt inspired to ask him if he'd ever done Family History work, and he said no, and when we offered to help him out he got super excited and wanted to do all he could to find his family.  After that the Lord started opening up doors with him and softening his heart.  We were able to go by later that night and give him a blessing.  He recognized the Holy Ghost as soon as the blessing began and said that the blessing really was EXACTLY what he needed.  And then this Sunday, he a less-active member in the Seward Branch came to church together!  I was soooo happy.  We had been worried for a little bit, but the Lord knew what was going to be happening the whole time.
#2 We had a great lesson with Efrain as well (Remember the marshmallows over the phonebook?  That kid.). We talked about the importance of going to church.  He said, "I want to go... but mom says I'd have to find a ride."  Since we live in Crete and church is in Lincoln, and there's no active hispanic members in Crete... I was worried a tad bit.  But I figured it was worth a shot.  So we texted one of the members in Lincoln, explained the situation, and hoped for the best.  He replied "Sorry Elderes, not going to be able to do it.  Try Hermano Genis." So we shot a text to him.  Yesterday, Hermano Genis and the first member we texted came down together and picked Efrain up!  The smile on my face when Efrain came walking into the chapel was ginormous.  Elder Holman and I never thought we would see him there, and then there he was! 
#3 I had an AMAZING interview with President Weston.  I walked in and as soon as we had sat down and said a prayer we immediately started talking about Elder Kummerman and the Lincoln Spanish Elders and how we could best help our District.  He said Elder Kummerman is watching me like a hawk and that he's going to turn out just like me.... that was a weird thought, but i realized later that I'm actually a lot like the missionary that Elder Juan was.   We really do turn out a lot like our "parents."   President and I talked a lot, more than anything else, on how we can help our District to be more obedient to the mission rules.  What I've noticed is that Ia lot of the time, missionaries don't keep rules because they don't fully understand them, and President agreed and related it to Adam after they'd been cast out of the Garden of Eden and made an Altar.  The Angel of the Lord came to him and asked him why he was doing it.  Adam replied and said, "I know not save the Lord commanded me."    Adam didn't fully understand why he was commanded to do things, but he knew that he would be blessed.  I think its a lot like mission rules.  I don't know why we are asked to go to bed at 10:30 or why we work out at 6:30 or why we can't call people in other zones without permission (no matter how much I want to call Members in Sioux City).  I do know however that when we are obedient to the commandments and the mission rules, that the Lord is bound to bless us (D&C 82:10).  "Lets bind the Lord!" President kept saying.  When we're obedient to the things that he's asked us to do through the words of the Prophets, he cannot not bless us.  He has to do it.  I've seen the blessings that come and I know its true.  Hopefully I can help the rest of the District to know its true as well.
#4 I was able to get permission to call Javier (Member in Sioux City) last night however.  That was probably the best way to top off such an amazing week.  He got the Crete number from the Elders there and sent me a text, so I got permission from the AP's and called him that night.  Everyone there is doing good.  Fernando and Jenny are in school now and everyone's staying busy and having a good time.  It was soooo nice to be able to talk to him.   He kept saying, "All the cool missionaries are gone!  When are you coming back?" and I would laugh and tell him I didn't know but I hope soon.  We'll see what happens.

We've got a busy week ahead of us so I'm excited for that.  I hope everything's great with you!  I love you so much!  Have a great week!
Lots of love,
Elder Zack

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