Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miracles After Miracles in Finding

Winter Quarters Temple

This week was one of those weeks where not a whole lot of awesome lessons happened because no one was home (everyone in Crete goes to Lincoln all the time since there's nothing in Crete).   While our numbers were low, the Lord gave us occasional moments with the Spirit that made us feel successful nonetheless.  
That's what I wanted to write home about this week is some of those moments.
Miracle Uno
A couple of weeks ago we received a referral from saying that a girl named Sasha wanted a Book of Mormon, but sadly all the contact info they gave us was a P.O. Box and a Phone number.  So we called the phone number and some lady answers the phone.  I explained why we were calling and we heard her say "Did you order a Book of Mormon?!"  next thing we knew, the phone had been passed to someone else and they were speaking to us in Russian, which, believe it or not, neither of us speak.   So we kind of gave up on it, thought it was just a joke that people play on the missionaries (it happens a lot more than you'd think).    
But then as we were walking around I decided to give Sister Weston a call to see if I could go see a doctor about my stupid knee that's acting up again and while I was talking to her, we were walking around Crete.  When the call ended, we were standing on a street corner and we picked one house on that corner, and some 16 year old girl answered and started talking to us.  Guess who it was?!  It was Sasha!  I couldn't believe.  I don't believe in coincidence so I knew that the Spirit of the Lord had led us there, even without us noticing.  She told us that she had recently been reading about the church online and decided that she'd give it a shot and read the Book of Mormon.  Sadly, her mom is super against it but we were able to give her the Book and she said that if she ever figures out a time we could talk to her, she'd let us know.  Isn't that cool though?!  I thought it was!
Miracle Dos
One thing that I've learned is that sometimes the Lord can guide us to his children that are prepared in many different ways.  The way that he guided us for this one was none other than my bladder....
As we were walking down the street, a couple miles from our house or the car, I realized I really needed to pee.  We looked around and realized that the smartest and easiest place to go would be the local FoodMart that was about 3 blocks away.  So we ran over there, I used the bathroom, and we were on our way out.  To get out the door, you have to walk right through the cashiers so we went down some non-busy aisle and were on our way out, when the cashier stopped us and said, "What's that?," pointing to the Books of Mormon that were in our hands.  "I've been wanting one of those," she said.  She went on to tell us that she has a cousin that was recently baptized, is now going to BYU, and is thinking about a mission, even though her family is super Catholic and doesn't really like the idea.  "I'm really impressed by her testimony and I'm thankful for her example, " she kept telling us.  
We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and she said she'd call us within these next few days to set up a time when we could come over and help her to learn more. 

These are only two examples of what kind of things happened this week. Others include teaching my Physical Therapist and Elder Holman's dentist's assistant about the Book of Mormon and knocking doors and only having half the people we tried slam the door in our faces. I truly do have a testimony that this is the Lord's work.  You've heard me say that probably in every email of mine that you've read.  I wouldn't say it so much if I didn't believe it.  The amazing opportunities that we had to be led by the Spirit and the blessing that we had of going to the Temple this week (which was AMAZING!)  were both testimony builders and faith strengtheners. As I was sitting in the Celestial Room of the temple, I became more grateful for the blessing I have of sharing what I've come to know is true with the people I've come to love here in Crete.  It's been a good 6 weeks and I'm excited for however long I have left here.
I love you and I hope you had a great week as well!    
Lots of Love,
Elder Zack
The bugs are so bad in Crete that they literally drive a truck around that sprays Bug Spray out the back....

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