Monday, September 29, 2014

Awesome Lessons for Investigators and Awesome Lessons for Me

Hi there!
This week has been full of greatness.  After talking with our zone leaders we found out that Crete is the most progressing area in the zone, which kind of surprised us since we felt like we weren't having tons of luck.  I guess we are though and this week definitely proved to us how much the Lord is involved with this work as we set goals and work hard and diligently.
 Like I said in the title, this week's been full of good lessons to our investigators and a pretty good lesson to me.

Lesson #1 - Efrain
Last week while we were teaching one of our investigators named Efrain out on his porch, a giant pack of mosquitos came flying through and began eating us like candy, so Efrain grabbed a near by phone book that no one was ever going to use and began ripping out pages and lighting them on fire since apparently smoke keeps them away.  So the next time we went, I brought a bag of marshmallows and we roasted them over a burning phone book!  Sitting around by the "fire" and talking about the importance of church in building our testimonies was probably one of my most favorite lessons that I've ever had on my mission.  It was super laid back and lots of fun and it brought our investigator-missionary relationship to a whole new level.  Too bad the marshmallows had a weird, phonebook-y taste to them...
Lesson #2 - Barbara
We've been teaching our friend Barbara for a while now and she's been going to church and everything but has never accepted a baptismal date because she wanted to read the entire Book of Mormon first (not that that's bad or anything but at the rate she was going she'd be baptized in about 4 years).  So this week we read in Alma 32 with her and talked about the importance of Faith and how if we can feel our Faith growing when we are trying something like reading the Book of Mormon or going to church, then we can tell that that thing is good and from God and that we should act on it.  We talked about how Faith is not a perfect knowledge and how by acting on the faith that we have, the lord blesses us with more and more knowledge along the way.  In the end we invited her to act on her faith and be baptized and she said Yes!  We've got her set for the 18th of October and we're excited to help her continue to progress towards that! 
Lesson #3 - Elder Paddock
I learned something pretty important this week.  I've had the opportunity and blessing of really studying the Christ-like attributes chapter of Preach My Gospel recently and I've noticed that one of the most important ones that is sometimes easier to slack on is Diligence.  Its easy to say, "you know what, no one wants to talk to us in this area, lets go home and have dinner early" or "It'd be a lot easier to not go finding" but if that's what's neccesary, we have to do it.  PMG says that Diligence is "steady, consistent, earnest, and energetic effort in doing the Lord’s work"
and this week as we were knocking and trying to find people to teach, and trying to find those who were prepared to recieve the Book of Mormon, I was taught a lesson on Diligence.  We talked to probably 40 people on the front door step this week.  Do you know how many of them were actually interested?  7.  Seven people.  That's it.  I'm thankful for finding those 7 people.  We found 5 of them right at the end of the hour and a half we had planned to go finding.    The Lord blesses us as we continue diligently and obediently in His work.  It was kind of a big week long lesson on Enduring to the End as well.
Over all a great week!  We had the best numbers since I've been here and the work is really starting to progress! 
 I hope you have a great week and that you enjoy General Conference as much as I do!  I love you and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers all the time. 
Lots of Love,
Elder Zack

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