Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Breaking stuff for kicks and giggles.

Hi there!  This week was great!  Some really cool stuff happened and I've learned a lot so I'm just going to do a little bit about a couple of stuff

#1 The sad part of the Week.
We lost Martha.  Ok technically we didn't lose her.... she just left the country.  She was my most favorite person to teach, so accepting of the Gospel, so ready to learn, and SOOOO close to being baptized.  Saying "We'll see you later" to her was hard.  She won't be coming back until August and there's a pretty large chance I won't be here when she gets back.  There's a happy note to this story though: She lives across the street from an LDS church in Mexico!!  That's a HUGE miracle!  Chances are she'll get baptized there but if she doesn't Elder Shipley will probably still be here for when she gets back.

Us and Martha

#2 The Destructive Part of the week.
Hermano Ignacio Bustamante called us the other day and asked us if we could come help him tear down his brick garage that he had in his backyard.  Because we're missionaries and representatives of the Lord we said yes because we like serving others.  Because we're 18-21 year old young men we said yes because we like breaking stuff for kicks and giggles and swinging sledge hammers at brick walls would definitely fill that desire.  7 hours into the project we finally had all 3 walls and the ceiling torn down and mostly cleaned up.  The next day we couldn't even lift our arms above our heads.  Easily the most fun service that we've done yet.  If you've got any service like that coming up, call the missionaries.  They'll love you forever.  

Beginning of Project

During Project

#3 The Family Part of the week.
We had Zone Conference this week and the whole focus of these next few months in our mission is The Family.  I'm so thankful for the family that I've been given, that I was raised in the true church, and that I'm sealed to those crazy people for time and all eternity.  There's nothing else I'd want more. I'm grateful for the church's big focus on Families and how the Family is the center of everything.  Since its something that we'll be teaching a lot more often coming up, I invite you all to read The Family: A Proclamation to the World which is basically the Church's beliefs about the Family.  I've already provided the link, just click on it :)

I love you all!  I hope you're week is great! 
Elder Zack

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