Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Called to Be Your(best)self

6 Missionaries having a good time
This week was highly entertaining.  One of the funnest weeks I've had
my entire mission so far.  We got to meet some crazies, teach some
crazy lessons, and go to a crazy party, all while keeping our focus on
the work!

The Quincenera (the party)
The Quincenera (the girl)

I'll start with the Party :)
This week our branch threw a Quincenera! (The Giant Party when a girl
turns 15)  They really are all they're cracked up to be.  It'd
probably have been a lot more fun if we had the opportunity to
dance... but  it was still crazy fun.  There was easily over 200
people there with a 3-1 Non-Member to Member ratio so we had a WHOLE
lot of work to do.  It was definitely the busiest, most fun, Branch
Party we've ever had.  The Quincenera (also the title for the girl
turning 15) was named Maria and she could not have been happier.  She
was smiling ear to ear the whole night.  The most fun thing we've been
to in a while.  The Quincenera was also a Taquisa which is just a
mixture of Taco and Quincenera so that means there was TONS of tacos
made of beef, and chicken, and pork, and.... wait for it... tounge!
That suprised me about how good it was.  Tasted just like Roast.  I
highly suggest it.
The tounges :)

A couple of weeks ago, President Weston introduced to us a new,
easier, more natural way to do a door approach.  We've even started
teaching to our members so they can try it on their friends and I
wanted to teach it to you as well.  Its 5 easy steps: Find, Validate,
Introduce, Testify, Invite

FIND a common truth.
       After talking with them about the normal stuff (how many kids
do you have, where are you from, etc) Find something in common that
their religion has or believes that we do to.  For example, if they
believe that Bible is important, HEY!  so do we!

        Say HEY!  so do we!  We Believe the Bible to be the word of
God as well.  Easy, right?

INTRODUCE a new Truth.
       We also believe that because God loves ALL of his children,
he's given us another testament of His Son Jesus Christ written by
prophets in the ancient American continent called the Book of

TESTIFY of that
        Talk about how that new restored truth has blessed your life.
Talk about why you love it, what blessings you've seen come from it,
and how it can bless the lives of the people you're talking to.

        Extend an invitation.  Invite them to a Family Home Evening or
to meet with the Missionaries or to read the Book of Mormon or to come
to church or to... you get the idea.

I know that this works.  We've tried it on every door approach and
during every lesson and it's amazing how natural it feels.  You're
just confirming what people already know and giving them more.  One
thing I've learned this week is that people think they know it all,
until you give them more, and then they want what they don't have yet.
 We've gotten into so many new doors and have so many people that
said, "well I'm busy right now, but can you come back tomorrow at
(insert time here)?"    I invite you to try it out for yourselves.

Last big thing I learned this week is that we were called to be
missionaries we also received another calling: to be ourselves.  Not
just to be ourselves as in the recently graduated High School
teenagers that we were but we are called to be our BEST selves.  These
people need US.  Our personalities, our experiences, our dumb jokes,
our testimonies.  They don't want some Robot Missionary.  The
missionaries that are focused on their purpose and on who they
represent but are still themselves and know how to have fun are the
missionaries who have more success and are remembered.   If you're not
having fun, you're doing it wrong.  Good lesson I learned in my first
week in the MTC that was super clear this week.

I love you all.  Thanks for your love and support. You're the greatest
support I could ask for.

Lots of Love,
Elder Zack

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