Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype 2015

Mom note: It was so great to get to talk to Elder Paddock on Skype! We are so thankful for the family who let the missionaries use their computers and so thankful for the technology that allowed us to feel like we were together in the same room for an hour and a half on Mother's Day.

Elder Paddock is happy.  He is doing well.  He is gaining a little weight, which is good.  He loves Sioux City.  He loves being a Zone Leader.  He loves serving the Lord.  He is dedicated and hard-working.  He talked a little bit about his plans for when he comes home at the end of September, nothing is concrete.  

He is planning to leave most of his tired old clothes there and come home with just what he has on.  He wanted to make sure I didn't want his old shirts for a craft project.  I wanted to know if he wants me to send new shirts now.

4 more months.  He isn't ready to be done yet.  That's fine, his room isn't ready for him yet.

He loves us.  We love him.  

Below are our short emails to each other the day after our Skype chat.
I love your face!
I also love your face next to your sister's face!

Dear Zachary,
I love being together as a family.  It is so awesome that we get to see you through Skype.  It feels like we are all here together for a little while.

I loved when we all shared our testimonies.  Thank you for asking us to do that.  I am so glad that you are happy & excited about the work you are doing.    We have been  blessed through your mission experience, your weekly testimony, and by trying to be the kind of family you can be proud of.

We love you!

Please let me know if I can send you ANYTHING:  garments, socks, shoes, cookies, white shirts, whatever.

Love always,

From Elder Paddock:
You crazy people :)

Skyping was great yesterday!  I love you guys so much.  
Question:  What is the actual possibility of translating at the hospital?  I actually like that idea a lot.  I'd much rather do that kind of translation than translating at meetings.  That's hard.  Also do you know if any of the Spanish stores around town are hiring?  Keep an eye out :)
I  love you guys.  Nothing new to report.  Have a great week!
Our Zone

Planning for Spanish Conference

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