Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elder Paddock's Adventures Day One: I'm here!! Let me tell you about today!

Leaving home on the First Day of Mission.
Entering the St George Airport.

Away he goes.  Elder Paddock is on his way!
Saying goodbye to the family.

I'm here!!  
Let me tell you about today!

First off, I was sitting in SGU waiting to go and ended up being on the same flight as two other missionaries!  Elder Able is headed to the London MTC to go to Germany and Sister Porter (from Hurricane)  was stuck with me the whole way here!  Lucky her, right?  

The flight to SLC was fairly lame but when we got there we met up with two other missionaries, Elder Martin (from Cedar) and Sister Dutson ( from Herriman) who joined Sister Porter and I all the way here.  
On the way to LAX, while the other 3 missionaries had awesome conversations with their seat buddies, I got the "opportunity" to sit next to an asian man who spoke very little English while his 4 year old daughter, who was sitting behind me, sang in Chinese at the top of her lungs and kicked my chair for the whole two hour flight! 

When we got to LAX, the four of us small town Utahns finally realized how sheltered we really are.  I've never felt so lost.  We landed in terminal 5 and needed to get to Terminal 2, so we looked at the Directory, thought we knew where we needed to go, and headed off.  We soon realized we were going the wrong way so we asked an Airport worker where to go, and this what they said: 
"Back the way you came, down the stairs, outside, onto Bus A, over to Terminal 2." 
and then she walked away, leaving us to try to understand what exactly she'd said.  So we did that, and ended up having to go through Security again, and almost missed our flight to Mexico.... but we didn't!  
We Made it!  Love you!  I'll send pictures later.

Elder Paddock 

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